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I know of some local guys with good reputation.
Joes Corner Muffler Shop
621 Research Road, Richmond, VA 23236
Tel: (804) 379-6202
....and some guy I forgot about a bit further away. Joe used to do great work IIRC. I knew a lot of people that used to go to him.

I know the exhaust specialist (Donny/Kevin .. I forget which of the two brothers it is at the moment .. but I think Donny is the exhaust pro) at :
Larry Green Tire & Exhaust
908 Southlake Blvd, Midlothian, VA 23113
Tel: (804) 379-9993

... neighbor street of Research road, and he seems to do quality work. Larry Green has some god "Hot-Rods" in there from time to time. Their best mechanic is Mike Bryant .. I woldn't trust some of the others.

Both of the above shops are located by the Chesterfield Towne Center/ Johnston Willis Hospital area ... across Midlothian Turnpike.

If I can remember any other shops, then I'll post em up .. but these two should be all you really need. Shops like "meineke" are always known for "hack-jobs". I remember seeing some kid with a v6 stang go into a local shop to repair his recently installed meineke exhaust because it was rubbing against a rear tire and was too restrictive and meineke wouldn't do anything about it at the time. <---Don't ask me how the kid got himself into that one .. I don't know. HTH. Best regards.
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