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Where is the best place to find cheap...wrecked..(help).

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I need help finding the best place to find like some wrecked toyota supras. I know a lot of people that I can get parts from for very cheap and body work done very well for cheap. So I am thinking of buying a 93-98 Supra (rather want a TT, Targa Top if possible) thats wrecked and going for salvage.

I live in Georgia, so any place around that area would be nice. I know a buddy that would haul it back to his shop for a cheap price. So, please help me out, just a 93-98 TT Supra, Targa top if possible. List all Supras as a matter of fact or just a site if you have one. I have been searching for wrecked Supras all day and only found 1, in California that's $8800 and its a non-turbo Automatic...heh.


Also, just an example, I get all parts for wholesale....can get Sparco seats for $450 each, that $450 includes rails and is without shipping and handling. I get everything for cheap.
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On the surface the e-bay car looks like a good deal with just the interior missing. But looking at the car raises some questions. First of all it is a hardtop tt automatic. I didn't think they made those. It is a 94 that someone went through all of the effort to update to look like a 97. And since it is a hardtop automatic, did they take a 6-speed and convert it to an auto. Or did they take a non-turbo and convert it to a turbo? A VIN number would help explain what exactly the car is.
John B.
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