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Hey guys I need some help with a problem i got on my mkiv.
My car is eating oil. I pulled th intercooler hose off and there was some oily residue. Also my car puffs out white smoke after leaving from a stoplight. i still hit full boost and no weird sounds or anything. Also today there was soem oil residue on my exhaust tip and there was like oild and water that was kind of greenish but was more clear.
Im thinking one of the four:
turbo seals
valve seals
piston rings
Doees anyone have any idea what the problem could be.
If it helps my mods are:
Apex Intake
Tanabe Downpipe
Apex Gt Spec Exhaust
Greddy Bcc
Bleeder "T" mod
Thanks for any help!

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It could be a number of things. First, you ABSOLUTELY need to purchase a block tester kit at a local autostore. It is a device that checks for combustion vapors inside your coolant with a dye that changes color if a combustion leak is present. Some headgasket leaks are impossible to find just by checking the coolant and oil with your naked eye.

If the test shows no combustion leak, the next likely culprits are the valve seals; especially if it smokes when accelerating, after idling a while. Then it could be the #1 or #2 turbo seals.

ANyway you look at it.... it's gunna be fun, fun, fun...and real cheap too!
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