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Where to find tach signal on NA?

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I am hooking up my AIC and I need a tach signal. On the NA's I don't beleive that the IG port in the diagnostic tray works. There is a little metal tab in it, but it looks like a retainer tab and not actually wired to anything.

I have the lead for the AIC run to the Igniter, but on the NA there are 5 wires, two of which are black with a white stripe (one is larger in guage than the other). Would either of these work?

I would really appreciate your help if you know - I am so close to finishing my NA-T conversion I could almost pee my pants...

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Hey Scott, for the VPC I used the IGT signal (B57) at the ECU. But I'm not sure if that signal will work for the AIC. I used the tach signal at the ignitor for my MSD RPM window switch... that is the one that I think will work for the AIC. I'll look tonite and see which wire I tapped into.
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