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Vinlsol said:

I have a 94 Supra Engine that I just purchased as a back up, from a wrecked supra with only 39,000 miles.

I just want a JE Piston, and maybe a upgraded rod (Carillo, Crower, Oliver, etc) rebuild. With new rings and bearings.

I've looked at Titan and some other people, but don't know who to trust. I am afraid of my local machine shop that tells my they can do it because they build 9-sec Camaros. I am assuming that there is a difference between a turbo engine, and a NA engine.

I know most people want a new toyota shortblock, but I would rather have peice of mind knowing that there were good parts in my engine.

Thanks forum for all your Help!!!
You say you only paid $500 for the engine. I'm assuming this is a 2JZ-GE, non-turbo engine. If not you got one hell of a deal. It may come down to what you want from the engine. Are you going to keep it naturally aspirated or put some boost in it? Most piston/rod combos are for the GTE motor and will have a lower compression ratio when installed in the 2jz block, good for turbo cars, not great for NA cars.
Like Terry said in the earlier post try giving AutoTuner a call. They just rebuilt an IS300 and it looks sweet. This is everything they did:
Lexus SC300 non vvt-i Head
Supra TT shortblock
PTE-67 turbo
JE Pistons
Crower Rods
HKS Carbon Ti exhaust w/Custom 3.5” straight piping
HKS 264 intake and exhaust camshafts
Custom Turbular Turbo Manifold
Turbonetics External Wastegate
Spearco Custom Large Intercooler
Custom Chrome Intercooler Piping
Halteck E6-k Stand Alone Fuel Management
2-HKS SS bov’s
MSD Dis-4 ingniton system
720cc injectors
Auto Tuner Custom Fuel Rail
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Custom Headgasket
Dual Walbro Fuel Pumps
Braided Fuel/Oil Lines
Custom Fuel Intake Braket
NX 75 shot wet kit
NX Ntercooler Rail
NX Carbon 12lb. Bottle
NX Remote Bottle Opener
Custom Dual Purge kit
Titan Cam Gears
Unorthodox Racing Pulley Set
Blitz SBCi-D Boost controller

Here's a pic.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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