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Goal 800rwhp on e85 or 30psi w/ 74mm turbo

Current setup:
Unknown fuel rail
850cc injectors bosch style 2.5ohm
2x 6 fuel lines and stock fuel lines as returns
fuel pressure regulator
1 stock pump & warlbro 255

I tried some RC 1200 injectors 2.5ohm which are the denso style and they didn't work good at all! They are about 1/2 inch longer where the spray patterns begin vs denso. I wasn't aware of this until i used them and the car ran like crap.

What injectors should i get just some standard bosch 1200cc's? When you get new injectors do you have to retune the entire fuel map in the aem? Because when i put the 1200cc's in i had to add 35% fuel just to get the ccar to idle and drive around.

Seen bellow Denso style vs Bosch


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We use the Precision Injectors and never have an issue..


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Hrmm... when I asked about going with larger than 880 cc Delphis, I was recommended the RC 1200's.

What exactly was the problem? I read your first post, but I don't quiet understand what you mean by the spray pattern being different.
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