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Which Battery hold down is this?

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Can anyone tell me which battery hold down this is or where to get it? Been searching for it and can't find anything. Thanks
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most likely a custom one.
Don't see it on Do you have a direct link?
isn't that battery tie down the same purple that HKS uses for most of their stuff? might it be an HKS tie down?
I'm pretty sure HKS doesn't make tie downs, maybe I'm wrong though. I am thinking it was just anodized that specific purple.
Just have a piece of aluminum cut and have it anodized.
Hua said:
Just have a piece of aluminum cut and have it anodized.
Or get crazy and anodize it yourself! Seriously, a thing of RIT dye, some acid, some wire, a DC voltage source (think it's DC) and away you go :)

P.S. No, I've not done it but I really liked the HKS purple so I did some research on it awhile back. No time to try it :(
looks like them custom units you get on ebay.
the radiator block off plate says Nomura Tuning and Design.....maybe they could tell is their link, i would give them a call

Bruce Nomura Tuning
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