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which clutch should i get?

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just wondering what clutch should i get for my 95 na. i plan to go single in a couple months. just wondering what clutch should i get. my throw out bearings are bad so that's going to get replaced i might as well replace my clutch while i'm at it.
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I dont remember the model number and everything of my clutch. But i have an ACT stage four clutch and it grips big time however if you use your Supra as a daily driver its not good for that but if its a weekend racer or what not its great and id imagine if it holds up well enough now it should be good for the Single Turbo Upgrade. It might be a bit before i can tell you how well it holds that.
yeah, it's my daily driver. so what clutch is good for daily driven?
Clutchmasters stage 3 will work well. Kevlar on one side and ceramic on the other. Takes a long time to break-in, but then is pretty smooth and holds decent hp.
thanks dave
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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