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Im thinking of getting the full bomex kit with the RMM wing... but I can't decide which of the 2 fronts to get...?
My car is 94 red....
Which would you recomend..?

* 2-lite
* Type 1

Any pics would really be appreciated...

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Ridox is nice but a little out of my price range, otherwise I be first on the list from USA. You also have to keep in mind the price of prep and paint. Pricing for the US is as follows (prices may differ do to foreign exchange rates)

Ridox Front End $943 (£593)
Ridox Side skirts $772 (£485)
Ridox Rear Skirts $377 (£237)
Shipping $1,192 (£750)

Total for Ridox Kit From Japan to my door (Wifbitz) $3284

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jza80rztrd said:
How about Ridox=rice too?
No that kit is not rice, Just plain UGLY :D

Doluck (pure beutiful work) all the way with stock or no wing!!!
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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