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car has near 115000 miles on the original engine, headgasket was replaced back in 95, but now i start losing coolant .. I need a new HG anyways.. but I have several options

1) Get MHG, use ARP bolts, but my friend who has a drag race MKIII always tell me to rebuild the whole engine with Toyota OEM parts and do the MHG at the same time, cost around 3700 USD for the complete labour and parts. He just kept reminding me to do it ONCE and to do it RIGHT.
2) Get MHG, use ARP bolts, just machine the head and the blocks and check the valves and springs, if they are still good, just do whatever necessary to fit the MHG and get over it.
3) Get Stock HG, use ARP bolts too, very minor machining. check the internals if they are alright, just do the HG and have fun with 13 - 14 PSI on pump gas :))
4) Get Stock HG, use Stock Bolts... and save alot of money..

Which one should i go for.. I'm leaning towards the 3rd options.. coz if eventually I end up need a rebuild after 1 year, using stock HG is alot of easier to deal with than MHG?

anyways, need you opinions, goes into the shop soon..

:) Thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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