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Alright, my car seems to idle bad between 1000-1500rpm, just goes back and fourth between those on a constant basis. At first any gas only makes the engine want to kill, and once I can give it gas it still seems hesitant.

I know it is not the CPS position or the AFM, as both were checked and found to be good. This just started happening after a turbo job, so some sensor must have just went bad while I had the car sitting....any ideas of which sensor could cause this? (I am quite positive that it is a sensor, I have a friend check it out who knows his stuff and he said all the turbo work was fine)

Most likely your TPS sensor.

Disconnect the sensor, and your idle should be steady (it drives fine without it also, but don't go boosting around).

Try it out, and we can go from there.
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