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Which Torque Converter?

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I know I've read many posts on here about which converter to use. I've looked through about 30 pages of posts and can't find any now. What is a good choice for a 62mm street driven car? I'm thinking something like 3,200-3,800 RPM. I know there are probably only 2 or 3 builders to choose from and it seems to be quite a strong following for each one. If you were going to buy a converter today who's and which one would you buy?
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i bought mine for Sound Performance.. it was a 3200rpm stall converter .. i have 67mm i daily drive, and i love it.. converter is awesome...
I'm not exactly sure on the brand, but i think it's midwest
I would go for a converter with around 3600 stall for a 62mm.

You have a few options:

- Sound performance converter (MVP motorsports)
- Powerhouse Racing converter (MVP motorsports)
- Precision Industries converter (Boost Logic)

Just let us know when you get one and what you think of it :)

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I currently on a 61 with a 3800 stall daily driven.... I like it a-lot!! bout to upgrade to a 67 though.
I've heard some good things about Midwest and PI (precision industries). And if I were you I'd go with the 3200. I've had a 3800 Stall on a 61 and it was too much - IMO. I have a SP63 and that's probably going to be my next upgrade. I'm on my stock tranny now.
I've talked with Dusty at MVP and really like what he had to say about the PHR converters. With my set up and the stock trans he thought it would be a good match. I'm leaning that way and looking at the dyno curves from the last tuning thinking about 3,200-3,400 rpm range. Dusty likes Precisions and the Sound converters too.
3200 with hks t04r bl tranny and mine is from pi. all day everyday, anymore might be too hard/much
I've ordered a PHR 3,200 rpm unit from Dusty. :) I'll update once here and installed. Thanks for all of the advise!

What a difference that was. The converter came in on Monday and I had it installed a couple of hours later. It seems to be a good choice!:bigok: It's like a different car now. No slug take off anymore. I do hope the new tires and wheels that should be arriving anytime now help this beast out in street driving. The car leaves just approaching the power band and once you get moving a little ways then BAM! Here's Johnny! The boost kicks in and I hope you're not next to someone or they will be scared shitless! A passenger who rode with me was all smile and he replied: " that's more fun than stomping baby chickens!". (politically correct disclamer: He said that's what a fellow he worked with always said in such instances) Must be a country thing. Driving at a 45 degree angle to forward motion tends to freak other drivers out. Me included! I think too much more stall would cause a launch too far into the power/boost band to make it difficult to drive agressive. Under normal driving it is just fine and by no means objectionable. I can't wait to get it to the track also. I'm researching tires for strip use. Some track only drag radials for those EVO/STI eating street wars look's like fun now! Thanks to Dusty at MVP for the advise and guidence!!:agreed:
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