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Whining moise when on throttle

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I am about to intall a new head unit in my car, I was wondering how I can prevent that obnoxious noise. I notice the wire to the after market wiring harness/adaptor is fairly small comparing to the after market head unit for power. Do I need to pull big wire for head unit. Thanks.
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I'm pretty sure a bad ground causes that noise. Not sure how to go about preventing it though.
Yup, that's just the ground that causes that noise. Just make sure you ground it properly, has to be to BARE metal, no paint. If possible grind the spot down and put a bolt right through it. And use the right crimp connectors. Make sure the connection is nice and tight. I hate that damn noise.
Does it happen to start around 3600-4000 RPM?? if you its just your turbo, no need to worry ;)
Running the power wire and rca cables down the same side f the car can also cause that noise. Make sure if you're wiring amps in the back to run the power down one side and rca's down the other.
You guys missed something.....
he said when on the throttle, its an electrical noise, that means its interference from his ignition system, when you get on the throttle, the sparks become more like radio signals because they start to happen faster and soon they are so strong and constantly going that it cause radio interference, so he just needs sheilded RCA cables and a better ground never hurts so long as it is further away from the firewall, which is very close to where the ignition ground is.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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