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Im looking for an automatic turbo mk4 my price range is 15-22k, maybe more if i sell my mk3 or are interested in it as partial trade. milage doesnt matter as long as title is clear, and is relaible and needs no engine work or tuning done
I would prefer original paint, small dings dents and rock chips ok. I prefer white blue or rsp, but might be interested in any color if it meets all other criteria. it can be stock or slightly moded with exhaust, intake boost controller, maybe a small single turbo, but not looking for anything pushing over 500hp as it would be a daily driver in the summer months and looking to get atleast 15-18mpg if possible.
Im located in pretty much lower center of wisconsin, and would prefer one closeby, but willing to fly anyplace and drive it home if seller is serious, upfront and honest about everything beforehand.
must have very detailed description and lots of pics.
lmk if you guys have anything or might be interested in
my mk3

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