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White turn signals anyone?

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Does anyone have white taillights on their Dawg's, I mean instead of the yellow one you use for your turn signals?

I remember seeing it on a darkblue Supra with a VeilSide kit on and Golg Konig wheels I think... Absolutely beautiful!!!

Where can I buy theese or does anyone know how to make them? I was thinkin of buying another white lens (like the one allready on the car, when you go backwards) and cut and paste that one in the turn signal area if its not tooooo much probs????
But I'd rather buy a finished set of them : )

Any help is appreciated...

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Clear Rear Turn Signals

Check out I'm pretty sure that's the web site for the company. They do some custom work, but you'll pay for it!

Slowpoke, you mean these??
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