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Whould these rims fit the mkIII Turbo?

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Just wondering because off the offset. Dont want spacers or to add longer studs either.
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No you would need at least a 50mm spacer before the rears even start to look good. If I read it right and its a 17X9 +65. And I doubt it would even clear the suspension. And the fronts are no wider than stock with a worse offset. They would fit worse then sawblades. For that price you could find so many better decent fitting wheels.
Yeah, I just put money down on a set of TE37s in Black 17x8.5 in a 42 offset. I dont even want to disclose the price, and yes Im waiting 60-90 days. Thanks.
If your going to drop money like that get wheels that will fit. 17x8.5 +42 would look as sunken in as stock. They make the TE37's in decent sizes. I am currently running a 18x9.5 +12 with a fender roll and lowered about 2 inches and they fit perfectly. Very little gap and they don't rub inside or outside and you can run that all the way around. But if you don't want to roll your fenders they make them in +22 which should give you enough room. If your going to spend the money you should be sure there going to look good and sunken 2 inches into the wheel well looks like crap.
naaa, aint doing all that, but I am a fan of te37s... these are my other rides with a 43 offset. They look good enogh...
Ok i did the math and they will only stick out .6 inches more than stock. You can fit so much more wheel under there and all the kids with 240's love big wheels so the better the size the easier the resale. This is what fitted wheels should look like.

Sorry for how dirty the car is this was taken right after we got it back together.
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Sorry to post in such an old thread, but does anybody know of any good Enkei's or some other good looking rims for a MKIII?
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