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Greddy BOV/SP catback/fmic
HKS FCD(set correctly)/intake

my avc-r is set at 1.2 @ 66% duty cycle. It pulls strong until the middle/end of 3rd gear into 4th. Then I get what feels like fuel cut, but no MIL light, just the check engine. The car feels like it just drags after that until the light goes off then it's okay again. When I start off from a 4th gear pull I got this at 57XX rpm @ 1.2.
Any ideas??? :confused:

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Sounds like fuel cut to me....i had similar problems..fuel cut only happens in higher gears because the ecu has to sense too much boost for a few seconds before fuel cut kicks in..I found out my hks fuel cut defense wasn't hooked up! maybe you have it on the wrong setting? I'd look into the hks fcd...before anything...
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