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Not quite sure where to post this, so I figured the OT section would be my best bet. :)

Took the '94 out for a ride today. For those of you who don't know (which I am assuming is a large majority of you), my car is a PHR stage 2+ (67mm) single turbo car, built head, MAP ECU2, etc. etc. As you can see from my sig, the car put down close to 550hp and a low torque #. It's your basic street Supra that will be receiving an AEM Series 2 in the very near future.

Out near where I live (BFE Ohio :lol:) there are a few roads that I travel regularly and use for street testing. This one is a good 1/2 - 3/4 mile long stretch of straight road. Not good for high speed testing due to the hills in the road further down, but great for using the iPod Dynolicious app to get baseline times. I was out for coffee earlier in the afternoon and decided to take a ride down Testing Lane. :)

I took a ride up the road to make sure it was free of debris and traffic, both of which the road was completely void of. I turned around and came to my starting point so I could mess with my iPod and get the Dynolicious set up for this car. Much to my chagrin, the Dynolicious software had been deleted off of my iPod. I put my iPod back in the center console, turned the traction control off, and took off.

It's been around 75 degrees today, sunny, with humidity just a little bit over 50%; I would venture to say near perfect boosted car weather. The car spun a little bit in 1st, bit in 2nd, and I was off through 3rd and hit 4th. I let off at about 120 and coasted the rest of the way down the road.

As I came to the stop sign at the end of the road, it was clear to me why I have this car. I have never had more fun driving then I do in this car. Never have I been impressed EVERY single time I have driven a car before this one. Yes, there are other cars out there that are more efficient, can go faster with less horsepower, are rarer, etc. Despite all of these facts and my various attempts to get involved and learn about other cars, I always find myself circling back to Supras. It still brings a smile to my face that people will go out of their way to look at the car, compliment it, or strike up conversation about it. In all reality, it's really just a 15 year old Toyota with a few modifications done to it :lol:

I look forward to spending many years with this car, competing in many motorsports events, and learning to drive the car as more ponies are added and my dyno graphs grow steeper and steeper.

There's not an interesting story with this thread, nothing exciting really, just me admitting that I have regained all of the affection that I have for these cars with one simple drive. There's not many cars that can do that to a man. :)

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i honestly feel like i just took a zanex every time i drive some place.... im like all calmed and chilled and happy... haha

same goes for my MR2... two best cars ever built

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Nice story :) ... my car has been down for two months for upgrades, and I can only look forward to what it's going to feel like to be back on the road.
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