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Why Not Vvt_i

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can someone explain to me why vvt-i will kill top end?
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First of all who said it does kill top end?
There r few posts here saying VVT-I will have less top end then none-VVT-i supra. Thats why no body recommend swap j-spec engine. Isnt that correct?
I think the reason people here don't recommend the J-spec motor is because out of the box it has less potential than the U.S. motor. The U.S. motor comes with larger injectors and different cams (according to another post that I will put a link to) than the Japanese motor. We can BPU the US motor and not have to worry about fuel enrichment until we upgrade turbos. Also I believe the turbos on the J-Spec cars are smaller and the motor is overall tuned to produce torque at lower RPMs than the U.S. motor which has excellent top end charge.

Here is a post discussing some of the differences between the motors.

Basically this is one of the few cases where the U.S. lucked out and got the *better* motor depending on how you look at it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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