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Why wont TT manifold fit NA?

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Ok, I have taken this to be true for over a year - because I heard someone else say it. But I never really knew exactly what the deal is.

It is the same block, so shouldn't the exhaust manifold pattern be the same? Is the only issue the distributor?

I would like to hear from someone who knows as opposed to canaries like myself :)
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the na head is different from the tt head. ive heard that the na head flows better, however.

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The n/a port spacing and manifold bolt pattern are different.

Frankenstein, did you get my PM?
not completely sure if it could work but use a adapter plate

like so(hehe its hitty but hey)

the so the exhaust ports go to a mini manifold that relocates the exits to the turbo manifold or thats teh idea, i dunno if sapce wise it could work but it might i dunno

ok jsut saw DaveH said bolt patter was different might could re drill tap the adapter???

i dont think u beat my map though :D
i dunno man I got some mad P-chop skillz
There is absolutly no room for a adapter.
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