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Well guys heres the deal. I ve been build my car over the past year, It has not been started in over a year. Here's alittle history on the car. It wan originally an NA 5spd car. I have put the six speed drivetrain in the car, 2JZGTE (aristo motor) Now when I did the swap I bought a new usdm harness and all the sensors and everything needed to do it right. Now after checking everything twice and then checking it again, Im finally ready to start it. so yesterday I hook up the battery and I hear the starter solenoid click. I unhooked the battery ground, Hook it back up and I hear it click again. the key wasnt in the ignition. I have no clue what this could be. The car does have a viper alarm in it, but everything worked fine before. And ive been thinking about this allday, Does the starter have a ground strap or just power? thanks for the help in advance... Jim
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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