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Will a 98 Bumper work on my 94?

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New to the Supra world, and just wanted to know if a 1998 bumper will fit on a 1994 Supra with no modifacation to it (the bumper). I have the 98 turn signals, and will be upgrading to the European headlamps. Since I need a new bumper anyway, I thought It would be wise to ask if anyone has ever done this before.


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they should be the same bumper. the only difference I can think of its the cross bar at the center air dam..which you can order thru dealer and install it on your 94 bumper.
Justin call Jeff Watson and he will send you the bar/grill that goes in the big space on the front on 97/98 bumper and comes pre painted and get this costs only $35,well that was the price about 16 mths ago when i did mine :D
Later, Yasir
Thanks goes out to Zerosoul and yasir for the info. I'm going to order the 98 bumper just for the fact that I'll have the 3 holes already drilled for the 98 style turn signals. Thanks again!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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