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Ive finally managed to BORROW a MBC... my car is mostly stock and suspect im putting down some decent power... but im only at .5 Bar with 2 washers on my actuator... i think i have a gigantic crack in my turbine housing :( I thought id be happy w/ 8 psi but ive got the itch... plus i have to put a few people in their place.

anywho... my list goes like this:

EDIT: NEW OEM-type composite HG
ARP bolts @ 85 lb/ft w/ Moly Lube (so thats like 110 w/ 30wt oil)
Lower intake fully ported and matched
Upper intake matched and ported to Lower
TB inlet ported
EGR cooler removed and ports Pipe plugged
ISC coolant bypassed
TB coolant bypassed
Vapor canister and assoc. removed
Heater core bypassed
New T-stat
Stock CT
Defcon DP, open
FC3S TurboII 550's
Walbro 255, Hardwired to battery
Emanage (untuned)
K&N Drop-in
Lexus AFM w/ modified aircan

im just trying to find out if im gonna get a Little more power from crankin up the boost or if its gonna be a whole new animal and if i should expect traction problems or something...

anything i should know before cranking the boost... or should i jsut let it rip? Am I E ?

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:bigok: damn... and i thought third gear shined before when i walked a 5.0 on juice and an LS1 Camaro 6-speed :evil:

SoupedUpSupra said:
FC's come with 550s stock?
The TurboII's did. they came w/ 550's in the primary and secondary injector positions... so you can snag a set of 4 total from a wrecked FC turbo2. if you get them off a 86-88.5, they will be low impedence but square plug... i had to modify my injector harnessess

Why in the world would you wanna bypass the heater core? Its a great back-up in case of sudden problems. or just cool downs before runs at the track. Plus its nice on chilly days. So whats the point?

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lol... have you ever read the BHG FAQ? Do you see where i live? the car gets hotter idling w/ the heater on than it does while coasting thru pit lanes... it heat soakes.

Btw, Brent... i Know i have the fuel and airflow and tuneability to go higher than 1.0... but the turbo cant!! blasted stock turbo!!!

Flubyux2=:urowned: by stock CT

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Crank it up, I have benn running 15psi all summer with my stock turbo with Lex/550's and a SAFC. I have accidently boosted up to 19 psi momentarrily on the stocker. The stocker pulls pretty good at 15 psi , I wouldnt go much more though. I made 300 rwhp at 15 psi

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the head was a freshly rebuilt unit. it came off a car that was wrecked. the motor had been built ~2000 miles prior to the wreck-ery. so the head was fresh, only needed to be resurface. the block was fine, i just cleaned it up real good. I used a stock composite HG and some ARP 190k PSI bolts w/ the ARP moly lube and torqued it to 30 lb/ft, then 60 lb/ft and finally to 85 lb/ft in the proper sequence of course. that fucker aint going ANYWHERE. like i said, the Moly lube makes a world of difference... ARP has recommended torque values... if you use only 30wt oil on the threads, it calls for 130 lb/ft or something crazy, but if you use the supplied Moly Lube, that torque value drops way down to ~80 lb/ft... so, its torqued down plenty good. as long as i keep my detonation in check, i think itll be ok. ;)

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you'll be plesently suprised if set up right.. We have my freinds spiking 20 and coming down to hold 16 with just these mods

2.75 full exhaust
lexus afm
air filter
1.2 hks mhg
punched down regulator done by your's truely...

Hes going the dyno today to check what his a/f's are like judging by the way the car pulled I think it should be ok..

I punched the reg to make 45 base full pressure with vacc off.

If I only had a stock supra again.. god the power i would make off little cheap upgrades!

I still can't believe you guys think 15 is the limit of the stock ct..

For some it is but for me I like to push even if i only make 5 hp for 1 psi of boost after 16-17 psi... that 5hp more i'm going to be pulling you! as long as i dont detonate and my egts are under 1600 i'll put as much as i can though a stock ct.....

If i was to get a new supra I wouldn't hesitate to put 20 down :D

Remember guys most time's the turbo wont hold even 16.. the wg springs on most our turbos are weak.. 20 psi is usually a spike which falls off to 13-15 psi by redline.

When i made 307RWHP i only had 13 Psi at redline.

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i am running at Td06 @ .9 bar.

But still have stock Fuel system though.

I wonder how much I am putting down.

And I do agree. Third pulls like a bizanatch!!! :D

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well, i put it on... its actually An Air compressor tank pressure regulator... w/ a locking knob and what not... goes up to 21 bar.

now my next problem is that my "stockish" clutch is slippin like a Mofo! I cant 5th gear anybody for shit now... i can punch it at 2500, and as soon as the turbo spools, the Tach just jumps up to 3000-3500... clutch is Shot or i have to much HP...

Im trying to find a good deal on a big bad clutch now. Ill have to post when i find good prices on clutches.
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