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Will the Injen IS300 intake fit NA's

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since the n/a's have nearly identical engines wit hthe IS300, and Injen makes and Intake for the IS, would it work on the NA?
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I was also wondering the same thing...what we need to worry about in out n/a mkiv's is the MAF...with out it our car wont run...we need it..theres no way around it..ive tried..i constructed a intake out of 3in pipeing...and drilled a hole for the MAF...but it was weird..the car ran like has to be flat and touch the buttom of the pipe like it does in the stock intake..or else the car wont work...but rod millen makes and intake for the IS300 which has a mount for there stock MAF..but im not sure if our MAF is the same size as the IS300's..thats what we need to find out..or even how to by-pass the MAF..then we too can have Cold air intake systems.
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Well i heard the Injen intake was crap anyway because it didnt actually run any type of gain in horsepower. It actually ran a loss on the IS 300s and if you want an intake for IS 300 im sure Rod Millen makes good intake if it will fit. I thought the IS 300s had a MAF as well. Also the only was we can lose the MAF i believe is to get a stand alone engine management system or maybe get the TT intake and if they have some sorta MAF on em use that.
what abotu the SRT intake?

what is an MAF
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