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wire colors for door lock wires?

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anyone know where i can find a wiring diagram or a list of color codes for these wires? it would save be a lot of hassle digging around under the dash.

I used to install alarms at a shop but its been a while. I would like to avoid testing every single wire in the kick panel just to find a couple of wires.

are there any pro alarm installers on the board that keep this info handy?

I need the color codes for:

door lock
door unlock
door trigger
parking light
(please note if it is a positive or negative)

i'd aprreciate it if someone could dig up this info for me.

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On but I do not remember where. 99% sure it is there...

Good luck
no luck...

i looked and looked.

the only thing i saw was the factory keyless entry stuff for 1996-1997 supras.

anyone else?
Send me your email and I'll send you a couple of charts I have.

[email protected]
im not sure if you got my e-mail.

you can send the charts to [email protected]

the wires for the door lock controll
switch for the left side is red and white, the right side colors are green and red
the door key lock wire colors:
left: green/yellow
if you need anythign else. ..let me know- i have a dealer wiring diagram
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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