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driftedmk3 said:
Ok, I've been searching and couldn't find any info.

Well I have a 1987 Supra NA. I know that the ECU HAS to be the same as the chassis of the car due to the dash harness. But I was wondering is the engine wire harness also strict and has to be the same? Or can I pull any pre-89 wire harness?

I am also looking to buy a 87 wire harness for my NA-T conversion…

Any help would be grateful!

Edit: How scary this is my 666 post. :ugh2:
The engine harness part number is on the wires between the ecu and firewall. I thought all engine harnesses for 90 turbos were the same...I was wrong. Just match the part numbers.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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