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I just finished swapping my wiring harness on my 5spd '91 turbo supra since my old one was severaly spliced. The harnesses for the cps/o2/all thermostat sensors and fuel injectors were broken or brittle. Due to my own ignorance i bought an automatic tranny wiring harness instead of the 5spd. Inside the dash i have the M/T CPU and ABS as this is an original 5spd car, but now with an automatic wiring harness on the engine itself.

I searched and pulled the schematics for all the wiring harnesses inside/outside of the car as well as the wiring diagram from the TSRM. So the problem i am having is that the car turns over and will stumble but won't finalize and stay cranked.

I have attatched a wire straight to the starter since my starter relay has gone bad and this was how i cranked the car prior to the pull. I did the neutral start switch bypass, the difference there was that the 2x thicker wires were black with a white stripe and blue with a black stripe and the other wire which is smaller is a solid red wire. Once i wired the two thicker wires together it started to stumble but wont continue to stay cranked. If you push the clutch to the floor you can hear a click inside the dash on the passenger side, and if you do not have it pressed down there is no click.

i'm out of ideas as when i put the motor back in everything was on TDC and the CPS was perfectly even, all connections and hoses were hooked up excluding the reverse back up lights. I'm sure its something simple and my only thought now is that there is a connector in the spot where the ECU goes that has nothing hooked to it. When i routed the wires from the manual wiring harness that it would go to, i found it connects into the diagnostic block, the ignt assy, several go towards the thermostate sensors and 4x wires backroute into the ECU. I hooked up the ones for the ignt assy, the ground, the 4x for the ECU but no difference. Also if i just unhook it, it does the same thing as if its hooked up.

If anyone has any idea's or a suggestion on what to search for i would greatly appreciate it.
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