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Hi, im in the middle of swapping my 2JZ and autobox into my transit van, ive got the car loom out (of an aristo) and i was in the middle of chopping out all the bits i wont need, ABS, Lights wipers etc. by accident ive chopped off the cruise control ecu plug - DOH!!!
i want to keep the cruise control - i only realised a while after ive done it, ive got most of the wires back on but i'm 6 short :(

ive got the wiring diagrams for the supra and they show 16 wires to the c/c ecu yet mine has 20 wires?? does anyone know why this is?

also are all the wires unique? what i mean is if i find a wire in the loom that is the same colour code will it be the correct wire? as they seem to have a main colour, secondary colour trace then a dash across and some have 2 dashes and the colour of the dash is diffeerent, i just wondered if this was to give enough combinations to give each wire a unique code?

if not could somone explain to me the relevance of the dashes across the wires please?

the wires i have left on the c/c ecu plug are

purple/white (2 dashes)
red/black (2 dashes)
green/white (1 dash)
red/blue (2 dashes)
yellow/black (2 dashes)
blue/yellow (1 dash)

are these different to the supra?

any help at all appreciated :)
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