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19in 795R HRE's FTW....
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I had a deal on the car that fell through recently. I had a delay in getting parts for it to ship it so the car is now back up for sale. Here's a mod list:

31k Miles, 6spd, All Original, Over 1600hp!!! Here is your chance to own the Quickest 6spd Street Supra in the WORLD! Duplicating this car would cost WELL over $80,000 in modifications alone!!!

Performance Mods:
Virtual Works Exhaust Manifold
GT47-88 Turbo 1359rwhp at 42psi With More Boost to go! And Spray!
Virtual Works 4.5in Downpipe, Midpipe, Catback Exhaust
Tial 44mm Wastegate
Virtual Works Aluminum IC Piping
Tial BOV
VWR Custom 1800hp Bar/Plate IC with custom Piping
Virtual Works Upper Water Neck
Virtual Works Lower Radiator Hardpipe
AEM EMS Computer
Fluidyne Radiator
Unorthodox Racing Cam Gears
Unorthodox Racing Pullies
1600cc Bosch Injectors
HKS Cams
WOTM -10 Fuel Rail
WOTM CNC Billet Fuel Hanger 3 Pumps
Boost Logic Crank Pulley
Weldon Fuel Pressure Regulator
SX Fuel Filter
Weldon 2035 External Pump
Custom WOTM Fuel Hanger
Weldon Fuel Filters before and after the pump

Tilton Tripple Disk Clutch
Virtual Works Intake Manifold and 90mm Throttlebody
WOTM Custom 4in Charge Piping on Intake Side
Titan Motorsports Built Race Engine: This engine is over $17,500 from Titan Motorsports with new Cores!
Custom CP Pistons 40over Bore
Carillo Rods
Ferrea 1mm oversize Valves
Ferrea Dual Valve Springs/Retainers
Ferrea lockers/keepers
Titan Motorsports Ported Head
1/2in ARP Head Studs
Custom Head Gasket for 1/2in Studs
Custom Billet Main Caps
Show Quality Chromed and Polished Engine Bay

Susupension Wheels:
HKS Drag Coilovers
15x4 and 15x10 Weld Drag Wheels
28x10.5x15 Mickey Thompsons and 26x4x15

Sparco Monza Seats
TRD Steering Wheel
TRD 10k Tach
TRD Chrome Gauge Bezels
Custom Grey Suede Door Panels
Custom Grey Suede Shifter boot
Custom Grey Suede Arm Rest
Custom Back Seat and Trunk Paneling and Carpet
Custom Aluminum Battery Box relocated to the trunk
Custom Removable On/Off Switch through tail light Key Hole
Simpson 5pnt Belts
Custom Chrome-moly 10pnt 8.50 NHRA Legal Cage
Custom Removable Parachute
WOTM NHRA Legal Sdcatter Shield
WOTM NHRA Legal Driveshaft Loop
B&M Shifter
FJO Wideband 02
Alpine Head Unit
MB Quart Mids and Highs
JL Sub
Xtant 3300c Amplifier

TRD Hood
Custom Painted Engine Bay Clear Coated
Rod Millen Carbon Fiber Wing
Phillips HID's

Performance Numbers:
Best 60ft to Date: 1.38
Best 1/8th [email protected]
Best 1/8th Mph 135.55
Best 1/4 Mile [email protected]
Best MPH 171.28mph

I'll post up pics in the following Posts.

The deal I had on the car was $120,000. The asking price will be that obo.

This car has been featured in a few magazines and was the Cover car on Turbo in March of this year.

It still remains the worlds Quickest/Fastest 6spd Supra. PERIOD:)

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ryan, why are you selling? i flipped when i heard you sold it the first time? this is like jay leno selling his chin...

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Good, so any chance this car will be at the King of the Streets event @ Speedworld? Or any WOTM cars?

19in 795R HRE's FTW....
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Yes we will have Ian's auto car out there...

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wait a min, didn't you sold the car to some guy from the middel east already ?

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Im working on it, ill play the lottery on saturday, wish me luck. This car would be my track car and Wes's supra would be my daily heheheh.
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