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would HKS twin power help prevent missing?

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I was suggested to look into aftermarket ignition device such as Apex ITC and HKS twin power to increase the power of my spark which will prevent missing. what do you guys think?
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The twin fire absolutely works(I've seen it on both Ryan Woon's car and most recently my own car). Disconnect the TP, engine misses at high boost. Connect it, miss is gone.
i've heard lots of good things about the twin power. some supras seemed to be plagued by very weak ignition systems and the twin power seems to remedy the situation. not sure how much of a gain you'd see on a bpu car, i've only seen the twin power on single turbos.

the itc is something completely different, the itc allows you to control your timing maps. i wouldn't get it unless you're fairly competent in tuning it. like a fuel controller, it can very easily do more harm then good.
I have it on my car low end not much diff. High end a little smoother.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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