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Would I benefit from an SAFC?

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I have an SAFC in my old car that I'm trying to sell. I was wondering if it would be beneficial for me to install it. I am currently BPU.

Full exhause, DP, pulled wastegate hose, BCC (I guess?),and Filter.

I'm going to put a MBC on shortly because I cant floor it in 5th without overboosting.

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yes, usually bpu runs pretty rich. if you can tune it good or no someone that can (on the dyno with a wideband) u can prolly pick up anywhere from 10-30hp
good ?

I was thinking the same when i go to buy one is there any certain model for a supra or is there only one type of SAFC?
Anyone know a cheap place to buy one?
gritsak, thanks for the advice.

Tony, The SAFC is universal. It is not for a specific car. You can usually pick up a used one for about $200. They're about 300 new.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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