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Would this size tire rub???

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Anyone have the 285/40/R17's on their car? Anyone know if they will rub against anything. I have the Nitto 555R 275/40/R17, and they are fine, but will the regular NItto 555 285/40/R17 work? I wouldn't mind more traction. Thanks ahead of time.
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If your mounting that on a stock sized wheel, it won't help your traction at all (for acceleration or cornering).

Later, Steve
no it will not rub, i kno b/c my friend has 285/40-17 on stock wheels, it fill sup the fender gap quite nice tho, but imo i think its too much tire for stock wheel size, not only that, it looks to be that the rim is too narrow to really make good use of that wide of a tire.
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