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I did a search - lots of info, but has anyone created a page that tells you what wheels will fit... 90 Turbo mk3.

Like what offset is needed for different width's

I am looking at some really sweet motegi that are 18x7.5 that have a 45mm offset. I know these aren't the "wide" that most want... but will they work?

If I go with 18 in.... 9.5 front and back? what offset, or if I go with 9.5 back and 8.5 front - does the offset change?

I am looking mostly at ebay auctions, and dont want to buy some that I have to ship back.... any help is greatly appreciated

I have a bomex big mouth kit to install... and already have 18 in tires... so I am definately looking for some 18in wheels.

I like this style:
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