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I'm actually after the internal connector that mates with the harness connector for the Cruise ECU 90980-11422. So non-working is fine, the rest will just be junked.

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Haven't been able to find a male/female set of connectors (20 pins min, 8 of which need to be the 1.8 II size). Ideally, would de-pin the 11422 connector, insert pins into new female connector, build pigtail with new male connector. Just can't find the damn thing.

Even have an email out to TE

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So I think I've found a way to handle the connection to the C16 Cruise Control ECU plug ...

C16 looks like this, 20 pins used

Get one of each of these

That's a 20-pin female connector and matching male socket (albeit a pcb-mount version). Conveniently, it uses the same 1.0 II and 1.8 II pins ...

Can cut the male socket off the pcb assembly, trim the pins a bit, and voila, there's a plug that will go into the new female plug. De-pin the oem C16 female plug, put the pins into the new plug as follows. Two of the 1.8 II pins (C16-03/16) need to be cut off and replaced with 1.0 II pins, but they're just signals, not high-current.

Re-pin toSizeC16 Cruise Control90980–11422
pin 11.8 IIC16-01STP+, +12V constant
pin 21.8 IIC16-02D, Clutch switch #174
pin 31.8 IIC16-03PKB, Parking brake
pin 4C16-07PI, Cruise active light #174
pin 5C16-08D1, D5, Datalink connectors
pin 6C16-10L, Stop light sw
pin 7C16-11MC, to Cruise Control Actuator #174
pin 8C16-12MO, to Cruise Control Actuator #174
pin 111.8 IIC16-13GND
pin 121.8 IIC16-14B +12V switched
pin 131.8 IIC16-15BATT, +12 constant
pin 91.8 IIC16-16STP-, Stop light sw
pin 10C16-18CMS, to Cruise Control switch #175
pin 14C16-19CCD, to Cruise Control switch #175
pin 15C16-20SPD, Vehicle speed
pin 16C16-21IDL, Throttle Position Sensor
pin 17C16-23VR1, to Cruise Control Actuator #174
pin 18C16-24VR2, to Cruise Control Actuator #174
pin 19C16-25VR3, to Cruise Control Actuator #174
pin 221.8 IIC16-26L-, to Cruise Control Actuator #174

Connect your various standalone ecu wires to the pcb-mount socket, cover with silicone tape, and this will now plug into the new C16-version-2 harness plug.

Harness ===== C16-V2/Conn-100745 << pcb-mount/Conn-100747 ===== standalone

You could even get another pcb-mount socket and use that to build a short adapter harness to match up the original C16 plug. This way you could go back to stock and plug the Cruise ecu back in without dicking around with the wires again.

Harness ===== Conn-100745 << Conn-100747 ===== C16-original >> oem Cruise ecu
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