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I wouldnt call myself desperate, although summer is right around the corner and im definately hoping to have a supra in my posssesion pretty quick. i dont want to rush into things, i almost did and would have been severely screwed, BUT THANKS TO CARFAX and SJ here on the forums, my eyes have been opened. NOW FOR THE DETAILS
94+Blk MKIV TT 6spd Targa/or quicksilver if the price is right ;)
under 100xxx miles
Prefer stock but mods are okay...nothing major though!
color interior doesnt matter
thats about it.
My budget is around $30,000.67
Im located in Northern California, but im ready and willing to make a trip to find the car that makes me happy. Upon personal inspection of course, and that everything checks out okay.
Even if you know someone that may be getting rid of there supra LET ME KNOW PLEASE!
Thanks much, Ryan

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Funny how I was just telling XLR82XS (LXA) & CUEMASTER (Greg) about selling my car ! RED94TT (Mike) and Paul Mendelson can chime in about my car as well. Gary and Larry (SP) were the ones that did half of the installments in Chicago (back in 2000'). Anyone of these guys can vouch for my car!


56xxx mileage (winter storage)
Renaissance Red (fairly mint)
Black interior (mint)
Targa top
runs @ 18 psi with 93 octane fuel
runs @ 22 psi with 100+ octane fuel

HKS EVC-EZ boost controller
HKS type-1 turbo timer
White face gauges
Defi BF series gauges (tri-pod on A-pillar)
(oil pressure, boost in bar, exhaust temp & with Unit controller)
SPi psi boost gauge (clock area)
Euro chrome bezels
red boot shifter
red metallic pedals with dead pedal

TRD Front tower brace bar
TRD oil cap
TRD 1.3 bar radiator cap
OPTIMA red battery
BLITZ SS Blow-off valve with hard pipe
Chrome intake pipe & filter

1998 Headlights & tail lights upgrade
Tanabe Super Racing Medallion Exhaust
Sound Performance down-pipe
Eibach 1.3 Springs
PIAA H4 Hyper White bulbs
Clear front turn signals

Limo on rear windows
25% tint on driver/passenger side windows
30% on front windshield

TRD single disc clutch
RPS pressure plate (blue)
New OEM flywheel, throw-out bearing, pilot bearing, install kit, new bolts etc
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