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Must haves:
• Original TT
• Original 6 speed
• Lower miles (50-60k ish)
• Targa/sport roof

Must NOT haves:
• No red or black cars
• Repainted cars
• No major engine modifications/previous engine teardowns

Hopeful for:
• Alpine Silver, Quicksilver, Anthracite color
• 97-98, but could be fine with older depending on condition

I know this is a difficult car to find and I don’t mind waiting for the right one. I understand the prices that Supras in this condition warrant. I do not have a problem putting money where my mouth is. Please PM me with what you may be willing to part with. Looking for a smooth, quick, private sale.

Wish me luck in the search…

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GL. Especially in finding that 97-98 Alpine Silver that is not a repaint..........
Yeah, you have described a unicorn but it is possible but sounding like a barn find!
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