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WTB: Metal line on TRAC valve ASAP !!!

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I am looking for the metal tube that runs from the TRAC proportioning valve (the aluminum valve between the brake master cylinder and the driver fender) back to the brake master cylinder resovoir. It starts off as metal in port "R" of the proportioning valve and runs along the top of the brake booster then has a rubber hose attached to it running to the upper nipple on the brake resovoir. If anyone has removed their TRAC stuff in the Bay Area and is willing to part with this line, I need it ASAP and will travel locally to pick it up.
Thanks in advance.
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chris i wish i had known sooner. i removed my trac and threw all that stuff away.. but y not just remove the trac system?
I did remove it for a while but I keep getting all kinds of error codes related to it so I thought I would re-install it in order to clear the codes. I am pretty anal about having lights on my dash. The problem is that I lost one of the lines and now I couldn't re-install it. I went to the my friend's junkyard today and found something that will work however.
well i'm glad you found something that will work
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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