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Been in the market for a very long time. I passed up on some good deals due to limiting funds but now I have more. Trying to pull people out to sell their car hopefully!

Located Anywhere in Mainland U.S.

Under $35k

Clean Title Please

Doesnt matter Targe Top / HT (I know Hardtops most likely not in this price range)

Exterior and Interior in decent shape. Stock body preferred but as long as its "not" veliside, I will highly consider it.
(Must have full interior intact, rear seats most importantly)

Under 120k miles (Compression test please, if motor is rebuilt and out of
Snow/rain this can vary)

No Tranny problems please (3rd gear syncro! but will be considered with lowered price)

Sorry but no anthracite or baltic blue colored cars

Single (66mm+)
Stand Alone System (Aem ems, Motec etc..)
Supporting Mods (Fuel system, Wideband, Cams, Clutch, Pump gas tuning, etc...)
Dyno Chart

I know it maybe asking too much but hopefully there is a right seller out there for me :) PM me please. I frequent the site a lot.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts