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1.A aftermarket Radiator for my TT auto Supra.. Please tell me how aprox how many mi... and any bent fins or problems.... If it's new.. and you can hook it up on a sweet price.. let me know.... exp if it's name brand stuff.... Sorry to sound poor but to own a MKIV take alittle cash.. to mod it takes a lot.... I will also be looking for a auto trans cooler .. prob with a fan on it too... Or if anyone wants to go in on a group buy?? or there is one that I have not found.. Plz let me know

2. A good stock, low mi, used or new radiator for a TT auto Supra

I am in San Diego Cali..... 92054... e-mail me at [email protected] or post it up...... pix in an e-mail with price and a number are even better... Plz don't PM me to death.. thanks for any help....
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