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Hi all,

Please be on the lookout of the following spammers really searching for people looking for hard to find V160 transmission parts... I was almost taken advantage by "Anord Eliot" whom came at a suggestion by conversation message from user Mg217.

Long story short the parts story wasn't consistent and they were quite persistent for me to send funds (as a "Gift", too, lol) for parts with no pictures nor could clearly declare the state of the parts (said they had used and new but shared the countershaft as representation of the 3rd gear and output shaft bearings).

I've been on this forum for almost 2 decades and have been very fortunate to not be impacted by spammers.

Here is the address from Anord:

604 St
Pilot Point, Texas, 76258

Here is the paypal he shared beyond his Gmail account : PayPal: [email protected]

Creedm just joined the site 2hrs before this post and shared almost the same information as the Mg217 did originally.... how ironic!

Here is CreedM's response:

Emailing about your request . Please contact Peter on [email protected] regarding your request as he can help.


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Many thanks for the Public Service Announcement, Doug. Much appreciated.

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