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What is your First & Last name? TIM CHING
What is your email? [email protected]
What is your phone number? : 415-867-9381
What is your City? : san francisco
What is your State? : ca
What is your Zipcode? : 94121

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looking for a replacment for the upper water pump nek that connects to the upper radiator hose..i want to get rid of the two little nipples that are on the oem piece cause it rubs against my intake filter , does anyone have one or know where i can fid this replacment i have seen a few you guys that have it cause i seen the pics you posted..thanx

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I'll have some available soon welded up and grinded for $150 in chrome, we'd buy your stock one back for $30.
Or you can always send yours in and we can chrome it for $55.

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