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Just installed the system in my can and after hooking everything up I tested it. It works and sounds very nice until I start the car. Then after about 1 minute the noise starts. I am talking about alternator noise that changes pitch when accelerating. I have no idea why and from what the noise is. I checked all the connections, no power wires are anywhere close to speaker or RCA wires, the noise suppresses after about 6-7 minutes but is still there.

Could it be the radio (Eclipse cd5441)?

Can anyone tell me what it could be?


Do you have an external amp for your speakers? If you do, try unplugging the RCA's and turning the deck on and then plug them back in. I dunno why, but this worked for me once. But if that don't work you're probably gonna have to move your ground for your amp or make it a better ground. (i.e. shave ALL paint or dirt from the surface.) Sometimes the location of the ground affects it also.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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