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WTF?! Greddy STB vs. RSA intake pipe!

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Just TRIED to install my RS Hack-imoto intake back on after installing my new Greddy strut tower brace. :madf: How the HELL am I supposed to squeeze that big intake hose/pipe under the strut brace end piece?!?! Grrrrr...I have spent WAY to much time fighting with this thing! :mad: What are you guys doing that I am missing?
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RS Hackimoto? My car resembles that remark. :p

I'm not sure which Strutbar you have, but I just swapped in a Cusco CF bar and noted that the bends on each side are at different angles, you might want to check this. I left all of the strut bar bolts loose and then had to push a little with a prybar on the intake pipe, and then I tightened down the outside bolt on the strut mount and worked from there.
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