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i thought it was normal when the car was loud(b/c of open dp) but my tach wasnt hook up b4 so i had no way of telling if it was idling right... i now got a chance to hook it up today and notice that it was only idling at 500RPM(thats why it was really loud at idle...)

heres the stuff that i did that prolly cause the car to go crazy

-def. stock turbo(no shaft and oil seal is good)
-shimmed to 10 psi(but this shouldnt matter until it build boost right?)

-BIC 3" dp with built it elbow(open for now i will get the exhaust pipings on sunday)

-replace the old egr coolor(shouldnt affect anything)(old cooler was crack)

-modified stock intake(ive been running like this b4 so this shoulnt matter aswhell...

anyways i tryied everything i could think of to get it to idle to around 800 rpm to 1000 rpm but no luck heres what i did/try

-turn the idle screw almost all the way up
effect: only went up higher ALITTLE BIT

-tried using the accelaration thing and move the cable back more by pushing the screw thing foreward and maxed that out aswhell but still no luck...

last thing was i disconected the 02 sensor brought it up to 1000rpm but when i rev it and let go, it returns to 500 rpm idle again..

anyideas how to fix this and why my car is acting like this?

also how come when i rev up the engine and let it go it sounds like the engine blew or something.... i get this pop sound..

any ideas

any help would be great thanks

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how long have you let it idle or driven it?
anytime i do mods to my car it idles really low for a bit til the ecu relearns. usually takes sev miles before it clears up.

the cps will not go out on its own, but the wiring has been known to cause some issues. with it at idle jiggle around on the wires and connectors and see if anything changes.

with all that work you did you sure you dont have a loose vac line/leak? id double check everything you touched just to be sure.

good luck


· TOO broke MK3
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i check for leaks but didnt find any... (was the first though that came to mind..)

also how long should i let it idle?i let it idle for like 3 minutes or less but turned it off..

and if idling it doesnt fix it any other ideas?
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