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I have a 95' SC300 That i would like to trade for a MKIV, depends on the trade circumstances if i will add cash or leave the swap/trans installed. have put 1k miles on the car since it been complete and its my daily driver to and from work everyday....If someone is interested you can call/text me and maybe we can work something out.
571 991 5423

car has some minor mods but it still stockish!!!!

95' SC300 w/ 130-140k on the body

Fresh GTEwith about 8-13k From Sterling Va
V160 Trans (came attached to motor, so its original trans and long block together)
Stock Clutch
Snap 1pc DS
GS400 Diff
3" single exhaust by HK Welding
DM Intake
Blitz Bov w/ Blitz Powder Coated Hard Pipe
4" Fmic
FMIC pipes BY HK Welding
Walbro 255
Fuel Lab Fuel Filter
SS braided -6 fuel line front pump to Rail
SS braided power steering line
SS braided clutch line
2000 SC400 Black Leather Interior
from headliner to rear speaker deck Complete.
even the 12 disc changer
JDM Soarer Headlights
HID kit Pure White, like stock. NO DARK USELESS BLUE LIGHTS!!!

Mines ECU
CXRacing Alum Rad
350z 17" Wheels
MKIV Eibach Pro-kit springs
MKIV Koni Yellows ( not installed yet)

Maint done prior to install:
Valve cover gaskets
Cams seals
water pump
timing belt
front crank seal
Lucas 80-90 diff oil
RP Syncromesh Trans Fluid
Mobil 1 10w30

quick can vouch for the car being he did the install...ill have him come and give more details i know im forgetting something in the maint...thanx

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since u want to trade it for a much do u want for the car

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Can you post details of the car here with pictures? I might be interested in trading for my 93- im also in NOVA.

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nice car glws
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