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The Hustler
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Yeah Yeah Yeah....I'm thinking about switching over. I am wanting to trade my Supra for a Viper. I am looking for a GTS Viper, any color except Yellow. Stock or Modded.
As far as my Supra goes its is 100% Perfect. The whole car has less than 1500 miles since completion. I spent about $45,000 last summer fixing the car up. I have over $90k in the car. It is Paid for and have Title in Hand ready to Swap.
Basic Rundown:
Built Motor
GT47-80 Turbo
1600cc Inj.
19" Wheels
Perfect Paint and New Interior
Navigation and nice Sound sys.

EVERY NUT AND BOLT under the Hood is CHROMED. EVERY PIECE. If it unbolts it's CHROME! Very Extreme!


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Better off selling it -- Most Viper owners could care less about Supras.

Good luck. If you have questions on the Asp, lemme know.. owned a few, and taken the V10 apart many times.

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I may be interested on such a swap. Details on my Viper are on my sig, 38K miles, clean carfax no accidents no issues. Here's the only pic I have:


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you're a sick, sick just finished this car! If I had a viper, I'd trade ya :)

'93 Supra TT
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don't trade your car!! I have read about your build up and the car looks great.

big mistake in my mind. not worth it!

MK4 of Them
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please dont go through with this. thats all i have to say

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Don't trade it please post pictures under the hood before you trade it i hear a lot about ur car

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I may be interested on such a swap. Details on my Viper are on my sig, 38K miles, clean carfax no accidents no issues. Here's the only pic I have:

Sorry to interupt your thread chris but would you be interested in selling that viper straight out?

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Guys I seen this car over the weekend. IT IS INSANE to say the least. The nicest supra I have ever seen hands down. Good luck Chris.

AZ RuleZ!!!!!
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Only GTS model??? My brother has '03 Supercharged Viper he might be interested in trading....

The Hustler
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Here's a Mod List.... After owning the car for almost a year and a half and dropping $45,000 on it this is what I came up with.

1994 Toyota Supra Targa Top

Performance Mods

Engine and Transmission:
New Block
CP Pistons
Brian Crower Rods
Clevite Bearings
Built by Justice Racing Engines
ProPort Race Head w/5 Angle Valve Job
1mm Ferrea Valves, Springs, and Retainers
ARP Headstuds
ARP Main Studs
ARP Rod Bolts
HKS 272 Cams
HKS Cam Gears
New Power Steering Pump
New Starter
New Water Pump
New Oil Pump
New Drive Belt
New Coil Packs (All 6)
New Ignitor
PWR Motor Mounts
ATI Crank Pulley
TH400 3 Speed Transmission
4500rpm Midwest Torque Converter
Reverse Manual Valve Body
Fluidyne Radiator
Fluidyne Dual Fans
TRD Thermostat
Engine Ice Coolant
Greddy Over Flow Tank
Chrome Valve Covers
Chrome Spark Plug Cover
Chrome CUSTOM ABS Cover
Chrome CUSTOM Mastercylinder Cover
Chrome Power Steering Resivor
Chrome Power Steering Resivor Cap
Chrome Brake Mastercylinder Cap
Chrome Radiator Bracets
Chrome Fuse Panel Covers
Chrome Strut Rings
Chrome Radiator Hard Pipe
Chrome Billet Water Neck
TRD Billet Oil Cap
Chrome Lokar Billet Trans Fluid Dip Stick
Chrome PS Pulley
Chrome Idler Pulley
Chrome Timing Belt Tentioner
Chrome Water Pump Pulley
Chrome Water Pump Pulley Cover
Chrome Ignitor Cover
Chrome Alternator
Chrome Turbo Compressor Housing
Chrome Intercooler Piping
Chrome Hose Clamps (Big and Small) All are chromed
Chrome Nuts and Bolts (Big and Small) All are chromed

Fuel System:
1600cc Injectors
Sound Performance -10aN Fuel Rail
Dual Walbro 255lph Fuel Pumps
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator

Engine Management:
5 bar map sensor
GM Boost Soleniod
FJO Wideband
AEM Injector Driver
HKS DLI Ignition
HKS EVC EZII Boost Controller
Greddy Turbo Timer

Turbo Setup:
Garret T6 GT47-80 w/1.08 a/r
Sound Performance T6 Race Header
Chrome SP Racing Intake Manifold
Wilson 95mm Throttle Body
Jet Hot coated Hot Side and Header
HKS GT 60mm Wastegate
5" DP/MP and V-Band Exhaust all Heat Wrapped made by Sound Performance
6" Intake Pipe
Greddy 4 Row Intercooler
All Custom Intercooler Piping
HKS Type 2 Racing BOV

Tein Super Sport Coilovers
Cusco Rear Strut Bar

Wheels and Brakes:
CCW SP 500 19x10 front and 19x11 rear
ContiSport Tires 265/35/19 front 295/30/19 rear
CCW Classic Drag Package 16x4 front 16x10.5 rear
Slotted and Drilled Rotors
Hawk Brake Pads

Exterior and Lighting:
New Black Paint
Custom Painted Gloss Black Engine Bay
New 98 Headlights
New 98 Tail lights
New 98 Turn Front Signals
New Clear Corners
RMM Front Lip
3 Sets of 8000k HIDs (Low, Hi, and Fogs)
5% Window Tint

New Black Leather Seats
New Black Carpet
Carbon Fiber Dash Kit
3 Guage Pod
Greddy Guages Boost, Fuel PSI, EGT, and Oil PSI
Trans. Temp Guage
Greddy Shift Knob
Sound Performance 6sp. TH400 shifter mod.
New Leather Shift Boot
Pioneer AVIC-N1 Navigation System, Voice Activated
MB Quart Door Speakers
JL Audio 500watt Amp
Sparco Flash 5 Steering Wheel

And I have the RECIEPTS for EVERYTHING!!!!!

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thats freaky our cars are that close to gether, i have bigger turbo, 1 more fuel pump, bigger valves and a wide body... the rest are the same... well i didnt chrome my motor.
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