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What is your First & Last name? Fred Chiang
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hey guys,
i've got a set of TT polished rim w/ stock Supra TT sized KDW's tires (235 and 255) and covers. fronts tires have a good amount left, estimating maybe 80%, rears probably 60%. includes a set of lug nuts. rims do have some curb damage to them but they are straight and balanced. pictures hopefully tonight.

this is a trade as i need stock rims to put back on the car. looking for anything that fits the car (SC300). doesn't matter what it is (be it w/ bald tires, bent rims, etc) as i'll be scrapping the car later. so ur rims + $500 obo. local sale preferred right now as i don't want to be dealing w/ shipping.

do not PM me
contact me at [email protected]. also, do not lowball me as i simply won't respond to your offer. thx.

Rear Wheel #1

Rear Wheel #1 curb rash:

Rear Wheel #1 another view (rash is through out the wheel):

Rear Wheel #1, tread depth:

Rear Wheel #2

Rear Wheel #2 similar curb rash throughout:

Rear Wheel #2 without flash:

Front Wheel #1:

Front Wheel #1 rash - this is the only rash on this wheel:

Front Wheel #1 tread depth:

Front Wheel #2:

Front Wheel #2, imperfection on face:

Front Wheel #2, rash throughout:

Link to album for larger pictures here

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