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The chance just came up to be one of the first groups on Sears Point after their 50 million dollar modernization project, and we just had to jump at it. The price may look high to some not used to Sears Point, but on a $/track time ratio, this is as cheap as it gets!

We are still trying to field enough Supras to start a Supra Challenge Series, much like our current popular S2000 and Corvette Challenge Series', so let's get some more Supras out there!

Price: $275 one day/$450 two days (+$20 per day instructor fee required for novices)

Duration: 2 days / 5 hours of track time per group!*

Track: The newly reopened full track at Sears Point (Sonoma, CA)

Registration: Registration is open

Event Info:

Sears Point is a legendary 2.52 mile track in Northern California, and the most in-demand track in the west. This is your opportunity to be among the first on the full track after the huge modernization project which has shut down various parts of the track for the last year. Come out with us and you'll get the best track time per dollar value you'll see at Sears, and compare your times to those set by the big names of ALMS, NASCAR, and the stars of yesterday. Sears is a challenging course best suited to intermediate and advanced drivers.

Come join us for the awesome bonus event!


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For a newly redone track as awesome as Sears Point the price is not bad at all. Road Atlanta was $300 one day and $500 for two and I thought that was a good deal. Wished I was in the neighborhood to run it
Barry H.
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