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brewster said:
I'm a fellow West Virginian. I'm in Charleston for the summer, but go to WVU in Morgantown during the fall and spring. I'll be getting a MKIII soon, once I sell my Montero Sport.

As for inspection stations; I'm assuming you won't pass, that's why you made this thread. :biggrin: I've never been up that way, but I would look for a small independent Exxon or other gas station for that matter and see if they could help you out.

I could help you out if you were in Charleston though.

I don't know if Virginia does emissions testing, but WV doesn't, so that's cool.


Thanks! I don't need to get my supra inspected yet (registered in differnt state), but just for future reference.I do have a "track/steet" car (miata) that is modded that does need inspected. I just have no idea what WV looks for in their inspections. Do they even look at things like EGR etc?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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