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Three of the most famous WWII bomber aircraft are visiting your community as part of the Wings of Freedom Tour! A "living history" event where the museum comes to you! Tour the beautifully restored aircraft and even TAKE TO THE SKIES YOURSELF in an ultimate 30-minute flight experience aboard the bombers. If it were not for these particular aircraft being as AWESOME as they were in WWII guess what... WE WOULD NOT BE ALIVE RIGHT NOW!!

************Flight experiences and walk-through tours are a tax-deductible donation!!!!*********
Walk-through tours are $10 for adults and $5 for children 12 years and under.
Fly a mission.
Once in a lifetime opportunity to fly aboard the...
B-17 or B-24=$425 per person.
B-25=$325-$400 per person(depending on weight, since it 'only' has 2 huge radial motors instead of 4, like the others.)
Tucson International Airport @ the Tucson Executive Terminal.
April 16-12:00-5:00
April 17 9:00-5:00
April 18 9:00-12:00
The Collings Foundation’s B-24 is the only restored flying B-24 in the world. Initially, when we restored it in 1989, we honored the 15th A.F. in Italy with the selection of the ALL AMERICAN-a very distinguished A/C with a record of having shot down 14 enemy fighters on a single mission (only two B-24’s came back out of a squadron of 19). Then we selected the DRAGON & HIS TAIL, probably WWII’s most extensive nose art, to honor and represent the WWII veterans who served in the Pacific.
We’re very pleased that we have been able to keep this sole B-24 flying and look forward to continuing to honor our American Veterans.

One of only fourteen B-17s still flying in the United States, the rare B-17 gives the citizens of the communities it visits a chance see how it was like so long ago. It gives our WWII veterans the chance to talk about their experiences with a backdrop that brings their stories alive and educates a generation that may have never heard of their experiences as they fought for freedom. This education ensures that the sacrifices of our veterans will never be forgotten as long as our children have the chance to learn with the B-17 and B-24.

It is an unmistakable sound... two Wright R-2600 engines echoing through the sky as one of America's most famous medium bombers, the B-25 Mitchell, soars through the skies over 50 years after its service life. Made most famous for the Doolittle Raid on Japan, the first American attack made on the Japanese mainland after the attack on Pearl Harbor. This famous raid saw sixteen B-25s take off from the aircraft carrier, the USS Hornet on a daring mission that brought morale back to America in a time of war. The B-25 was never conceived to fly off of an aircraft carrier, but it adapted... that's what the B-25 was known for, adaptability under any combat circumstance.

Imagine the power of eight radial engines and the history of 3 of Americas most well known bombers proudly roaring by to the delight of your crowd...
Contact Roger Stubbs or myself for more info.
1-800-568-8924(ride reservation)
Pm or e-mail me.

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Sounds cool. If only I weren't working those days!
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